ISM-Buffalo Inc. - Board & Committees 2020-2021

Welcome to the Board of Directors and Committee Chairs page. You are invited to contact Board Members with your ideas or to volunteer your time for a most rewarding experience of serving on the Board or committee. Contact by email is available through the Contact Us page or through the member database in the members only page.


Committee Chairs 

Certification Julie Cross, CPSM
Professional Placement Bruce Izard
Nominations & Elections  
Community Charities  
Business Survey Dr. FeiFei Wang
Facilities/House Jim Austin, CPSM
Gamble Award Martha Switzer CPSM
Education/Program Andrea Semski
Bylaws Mike Lovelace, C.P.M.
Golf Rob Conti
Membership Recruitment  
Plant Tours Jayson DeGolier, CPSM,CPSD
Seminars Andrea Semski
Newsletter Nancy Boyd Haley
Caring & Sharing Julie Cross, CPSM
Webinars  Jayson DeGolier, CPSM, CPSD
Social Media/PR Martha Switzer, CPSM
Table Top Displays Nancy Boyd Haley





Photo/Audio/Video Release: From time to time, ISM uses photos and/or audio/video of participants in public event spaces in our promotional and educational materials. By virtue of your attendance, you agree to the use of your likeness in such materials, including print and/or electronic media without further notification or authorization.